Compositeburs -Stainbuster - removing all sorts of stains without dammageing the toth surface 6/pkg

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Packaging size: 6

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Manufacturer: Abrasive Technology


Gently remove stains and cements from tooth surfaces with no damage to enamel, ceramics or soft tissues.

STAINBUSTER® burs are designed to remove cement, stains and colored coatings gently from the surface of the enamel; they do not abrade tooth enamel or ceramic and only lightly chip cement, dentin and filling composites. The special characteristic of these burs is the fiber sections with abrasive power which cover the entire working surface and which split up into small fragments as and when they act on a hard surface. At the same time the resin matrix is used up, new sections of fibers are exposed; the STAINBUSTER® burs are self-sharpening while maintaining continuous abrasive power.

Burs are autoclavable up to 275°F / 135°C. STUDY & COPYRIGHT: Pr. W.J. Finger STAINBUSTER® latch-head burs are used at chairside with a contra-angle and a water spray which all practitioners have in their dental office and require no special device. STAINBUSTER® burs should be used at slow speed, around 10,000 rpm, applying slight pressure and with a fine water spray. The water spray carries away the grinding debris, cleans up the working field and enhances visibility and control. Note that using STAINBUSTER® burs without water spray is in no way harmful or contraindicated at low-speed: in this case of course, at the end of the polishing session, spraying and rinsing out of the instrumented area is a routine procedure to remove any remaining debris.

STAINBUSTER® burs can be used as disposable burs, one bur per patient, depending on the work being done and the shape used. The pointed shape, essential for reaching difficult and very narrow places, wears more quickly. It can subsequently be used in more accessible places, for its abrasive power remains intact even if the initial shape is lost.