For patients using braces or clear aligners

The Myobrace®for Braces series is a three-stage appliance system used in patients who are undergoing treatment with braces or clear aligners, with an extra appliance for lingual braces. With special features to accommodate brackets, wire and aligners, the appliance range improves the effectiveness and efficiency of orthodontics by addressing the breathing and myofunctional habits that complicate orthodontic treatment. 

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Size: Medium

Type: B1

Colour: Clear

Manufacturer: Myofunctional Research


The B1 provides habit correction. It features a braces channel, tongue tag, tongue elevators, an extended lip bumper and high sides to correct tongue position, discourage overactive lip function while encouraging nasal breathing and is designed to be used in conjunction with a fixed braces or clear aligner treatment. Correcting myofunctional habits will not only result in better overall health, but also helps to create a more stable change, less likely to relapse. 

B1 Design Features

The design features of the B1 are ideally suited for the initial correction of any malocclusion (except Class III) in the mixed and permanent dentition with braces or aligners, while also helping to correct the breathing and soft tissue dysfunctions that are the cause of it.

Directions for Use

The Myobrace® appliance is to be used for one to two hours each day, plus overnight while sleeping. The patient's teeth may become slightly sensitive in the early stages of treatment. This is quite normal, however, if pain becomes excessive, decrease application time with the aim to build it back up once the appliance is accustomed to and sensitivity subsides.

Cleaning the Myobrace B1

The Myobrace® appliance should be cleaned under warm running water every time the patient removes it from their mouth.
Use Myoclean™ tablets to thoroughly clean twice a week. Myoclean™ is the recommended cleaning agent for all MRC appliances.


Myobrace for Braces B1
Myobrace for Braces B1
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