Carriere® Motion™ Class II Appliance To limit extractions and to turn difficult Class II patients into simpler Class I patients is a dream come true for you and your patients. With its sleek, aesthetic and non-invasive design, the Motion 3D Class II Correction Appliance provides greater comfort and shortens treatment time by up to four months. Delivering a natural, gentle, and uniform force for distal molar movement with controlled rotation and tipping correction before brackets or other appliances are placed, the Motion 3D Appliance solves complex problems almost effortlessly.

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Artikelnr: 424-15L

Size: 15mm

Packaging size: 1

Manufacturer: Henry Schein Orthodontics

Tooth: Left

How it Works Corrects the posterior occlusion to an ideal Class I Platform first by rotating and uprighting the maxillary first molars while distalizing the posterior segment, from canine or premolor to molars, into a perfect occlusion. Simultaneously produces a light, uniform force for distal molar movement. Independently moves each posterior segment, from canine or premolar to molar, as a unit. Used at the beginning of treatment when there are no competing forces in the mouth allows the distalization of the molars and premolars from 3 to 6 mm range, on average.

Carrier Motion 3D
Carrier Motion 3D
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