Thanks to our experience gained with MAD appliance and based on the fundaments of the most widely used orthodontic appliance for the treatment of Class II patients with mandibular retraction, we have miniaturized and reengineered the Forward! to manufacture the Twin Wing. The kit, especially designed for the realization of this innovative appliance, contains all the components for an easier and more precise construction. The appliance, thanks to the 70° inclination between the upper screws and the lower wings, scientifically and clinically proven as the most efficient for the stimulation of the mandibular growth, allows the millimetric advancement of the lower jaw. Moreover, in case of deep bite, since the occlusal surface can be kept free from the presence of block, it is possible to exclude some teeth from the contact with the acrylic, promoting a guided extrusion and consequently the resolution of vertical problems.

The kit for the construction of 1 appliance is made up of: - 2 upper screws, 1 right and 1 left - 2 lower wings with steel frame, 1 right and 1 left

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Packaging size: 4

Type: Refill

Manufacturer: Leone