Pro Seal and L.E.D Pro Seal - Light Cure Highly Filled Sealant

Enamel Protection From Start To Finish

  • Two year surface protection
  • University tested in over 15 studies and clinically proven
  • Sets without oxygen inhibited layer - smooth, hard finish
  • Fluoresces under UV light
  • Patented catalyst system

Clinical Applications

  • Routine enamel protection
  • Hygiene challenged patients
  • Mitigates decalcification
  • Can be applied under bracket as a primer or around bracket


  • Choose either:
-Original Pro Seal - cures in 360 to 420 NM range
-L.E.D Pro Seal - cures with any curing light, including L.E.D
  • 6ml bottle

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Manufacturer: Reliance