Assure Plus - All Surface Light Cure Bonding Primer and Enhancer Adhesion Booster

Available in 2ml or 6ml bottle, or convenient Unidose 50 - 0.20ml caplets for easy cleanup. 

The Most Versatile Resin Ever Developed!

• Enhances bond strength on all surfaces
• Tolerates moisture contamination
• Primes and conditions any tooth surface for bonding
• Effective on any enamel type
• Effective on any artificial substrate
• Eliminates hydrofluoric acid with porcelain crowns
• Normal or atypical enamel
• Dentin or cementum
• Eliminates additional conditioners with:

– Stainless 
– Composite
– Amalgam 
– Acrylic
– Gold 
– Pontics

• Eliminates additional conditioners with:

– Porcelain
– Zirconia
– Lithium Disilicate

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