Smart Reverse Curved Archwires, available in:

Type M:
 Straight legs provides multiple solutions. RCTM is the answer for tilting back molars for anchorage purposes. It easily puts curve of spee on the upper arch and can be used to torque the molars buccally. Intrusion or extrusion of anterior teeth can also be accomplished. When flipped, it can be used to expand the lower arch. 

Type I: Has a much tighter arch form and 'toed-in' molar section, providing the capability of molar rotation and re-alignment. This is our most aggressive tooth-moving RCS due to the tight radius.

Type N: the moderate radius exerts ideal force for correction of severe curve of spee cases. This shape offers a deeper “rocking chair” radius than our RC Type L archwire.

Type L: is a blend of RC Type N and RC Type I; an arch with slightly shallower ‘rocking chair’ radius than the RCTN, but not as narrow as the RCTI. The RC Type L arch is perfect for bite opening and closing, leveling and aligning, and deep and open bite correction. 

Lagerstatus: : I lager

Artikelnr: RC1616UTL

Size: .016x.016

Packaging size: 10

Type: Type L

Upper/Lower: Upper

Manufacturer: SMART

Smart Brochure
Smart Brochure
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RCS Archwire Forms
RCS Archwire Forms
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