Double-Efficacy archwires have a two parted cross-section. Precisely produced from a single piece of wire, the Double-Efficacy archwire offers a square or rectangular cross-section in the anterior part and a round cross-section in the posterior part. Thus in the front segment a perfect torque control of the incisors is possible, while in the posterior segment a minimized friction can be ensured. Effective and efficient sliding mechanics allow quick successes during space closure stage. Due to the use of high-quality materials the most different requirements regarding strength and rigidity can be fulfilled with Double-Efficacy archwires. 

Square or rectangular Anterior Length: 34/38 mm for upper arch wire, 28 mm for lower arch wire. 

The wires are available as Stainless Steel in all dental line arch forms.

Sold in packs of 2 wires.

Lagerstatus: : I lager

Artikelnr: SSDE172517UF4-38

Size: 17x25-38

Packaging size: 2

Type: Ovoid

Upper/Lower: Upper

Material: Rostfritt Stål

Manufacturer: SMART

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